Coordinating Team Notes, October 2018

As you are no doubt aware, these are very challenging times for our church financially. Three years of deficit budgets, caused largely by lower membership and rising building and personnel expenses, have depleted our operating cash. Even though this year’s budget is balanced, we have been hard-pressed to meet expenses. At the same time, it has been difficult to reassign all of the tasks formerly assigned to the business administrator position.

As a result of all of this, a few weeks ago the CT convened a trusted group of members to develop a strategy for these trying times. At the same time, the Endowment Committee recommended the formation of a financial advisory council.

The board has appointed a Committee for Financial Oversight (CFO), co-chaired by Anne Greenwood and Dave Roberts. Members are Linda Laskowski, Ira Nelken, Grace Ulp and Maryann Simpson, with Jan Setchko acting as consultant. The CFO will be reporting to the board and advising the CT. As co-chair, Dave Roberts will serve on the CT, holding the position reserved for the Business Administrator. The CFO has already begun to work in earnest and has come up with recommendations, which are being implemented.

The CT is so very grateful for this infusion of expert and loving guidance. With all the challenges before us, we still have faith that this prophetic church will find its balance and continue being able to serve the world, which needs us now more than ever.