Coordinating Team Notes, June 2018

We are grateful to those who were able to attend our congregational meeting and who did the soul-searching work of reviewing, questioning, and passing our budget. We celebrate your pledges, which make our mission possible. One of the givens of this budget is a restructuring of staffing, which creates increased reliance upon volunteers.

I want to thank the volunteers who have already stepped up to help on Sunday mornings. Facilities volunteers include Paul Farrell, Kathy Guarneri, Paul Hudson, Randall Hudson, Don Klose, Sherman Lam, Mac Lingo, Bob Moore, Daniel Schmidt, Dave Wemmer, and Lucinda Young. Thanks to Marin Fischer, the building is open by 8:30! Coffee volunteers include Marin Fisher, Ann Harlow and Barbara Hilbourn.

We are still looking for more volunteers. If being a facilities floater would make you happy, please email me (contact info below). If you’d like to help with coffee, contact Lisa Maynard.

Some of these needs will be met when we hire a new facilities coordinator, but some jobs will remain in the hands of volunteers. This is a positive change; this work brings us closer to each other and enhances our understanding of what it takes to support this loving community.