Coordinating Team Notes, July 2018

We welcome our new Lead Facilities Coordinator, Warren Smith, whose resume includes facilities management experience at Berkeley Tennis Club. He brings extensive experience to this position, and I’m sure we will all enjoy working with him.

Many of you have already met Pete Olandt, who is covering Sunday facilities needs this summer. When he can’t be there, Marin Fischer and Ann Harlow have graciously stepped in to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Among the other volunteers who have come forward, I especially want to thank Michael DeWitt, who brings generosity, skill and good humor to the task of coordinating our audio-visual needs. Many thanks also to Don Klose and his admirable weed-whacking team, including Bob Adams, Lynne Cahoon, Jim Gasperini, Richard Hanway, Paul Hudson, Linda Laskowski, Bob Moore, Floyd Sam, Joanne Wile, and Don Wollwage. These good people have been working hard to clear our property per fire safety regulations and have saved UUCB almost $5000!

If you are a potential volunteer seeking a satisfying fit for your skills, consider joining our marketing team, headed by Hilary Lorraine, which is focused on increasing community rentals and has huge potential to boost both our income and our outreach. As you can see from the above, you will be in excellent company!