Coordinating Team News, August 2018

New Facilities Coordinator Warren Smith is settling in well. We are sad to share that, as part of the approved 2018-19 budget cuts, we are losing part-time facilities staffer Julio Vazquez. Julio’s gentle smile and willing spirit will be missed. Luckily, he now has full-time work closer to his home and young family.

Don Klose and the other incredibly hard-working weed-whackers, Bob Adams, Lynne Cahoon, Paul Hudson, Jim Gasperini, Don Wollwage, and Joanne Wile, have cleared our property, met fire safety regulations, and saved UUCB almost $5000. If you see any of them, be sure to give them a huge thank you!

Our safety policy requires that we hold regular evacuation drills. Our first is on the calendar for Sunday, September 30, near the close of worship service. Stay tuned for more details.

I want to express gratitude for the many who have pitched in to see us through this period of job transitions and ministerial vacations. I remain convinced that this cultural shift, away from expecting staff to do things for us, and toward sharing responsibilities, is very healthy for us. The community that we invest ourselves in, heads, hands, and hearts, is the one that means the most.