Coordinating Team, May 2018

My first exposure to the UUCB budget was as a very naïve congregant. Several years of board experience have improved my understanding of its construction, but this has been my first experience of drafting the document as a CT member. Now I truly appreciate the challenge of balancing a large and complex budget that has so many moving parts, not the least of which is pledge income.

We had hoped for a 20% increase in pledging this year. Many of you have risen to that challenge generously, and for that we are so very grateful. Nevertheless, our current projection is for pledge revenues to remain about the same as last year. We intend to be very realistic about pledging, rental and fundraising income. At the same time, some expenses have risen unavoidably. And we are determined to balance this budget.

As a result, this budget is very trim, responsible and intentional. In order to balance it, we have already made some very difficult choices, such as not having an intern minister next year, along with cuts in facilities staffing, in family ministry, and in music. The budget we will present for your vote on May 21 is balanced by a Faith, Hope and Charity line for additional pledge income of over $60,000. If we divide that amount among all of us equally, it comes to $165 per person. Some of us may not be able to add to our current pledges, but not all pledges have come in yet, and perhaps some of us can do more. Daniel and I are planning to increase our pledge.

This link will take you to the latest version of our budget. The CT will willingly answer your questions about any of this. I hope this understanding inspires some serious talk among ourselves and that we will meet in May prepared to make our vision for this loving community a reality. I think we can do this!!!