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How to Create Your Profile in the Online Church Directory


The new directory is housed in UUCB’s church connection system, InFellowship. Fill out an online profile to:

  • Find the names and faces of our UUCB members
  • Update your own information and picture
  • Opt-In to the church directory
  • View and print reports of your donations and pledges
  • Pledge online, if desired.

Profile Tutorial and FAQ

Select HERE to view or download a PDF tutorial illustrated with screen shots:
How to Create a Profile in the UUCB Directory-PDF

Have questions? Select here to read answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Directory and how to create a profile.

Quick Steps to Create a Profile

Here are the key steps, minus the detail and illustrations available in the PDF tutorial.

To log in:

  • Select here to open InFellowship in a new tab.
  • Fill in your First, Last, Email and Password fields. Select Create an Account.
  • Look in your email program for a verification email from InFellowship (
  • Select the verification link in the email.
  • Return to the InFellowship website. Log in with the verified information.

To update your profile information:

  • Select the large Update Profile button on the Welcome screen
  • Select the Update your profile link in the Actions menu on the right
  • Enter or update your information
  • If there are children in your household, you may also edit their information.
  • When you are finished, select Save Changes at the bottom of the Update Profile Screen.

To add your picture:

  • Decide what Head Shot image to use, and where the file is located on your computer.
    • PNG, JPG, BMP or GIF, less than 1 MB
  • In InFellowship, select Account at the top of the screen, then select your name.
  • Select the Update Your Profile link on the right,
  • Select Change beneath the placeholder picture top left.
  • Select the Choose File button
  • Find your picture, and select it. Select Open or Choose (depending on your OS.)
  • Select Save Changes.

To have your profile display in the Church Directory:

  • Select Account on the top of the InFellowship screen.
  • Select Privacy Settings from the menu that opens.
  • Select the checkbox bottom left, “Include me in the Church Directory.”
  • Make any other privacy settings desired.
    • Note: the “Groups” feature of InFellowship has not yet been set up.
  • Select the Save Privacy Settings button.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

General questions

Q Will the new InFellowship system replace person-to-person contact?

A No, in fact it is the hope that the opposite will occur—more contact will be facilitated. Many members have said that they are unable to match a face to a name that they hear. And are embarrassed that they don’t know what a particular long-term member looks like.

Now with the InFellowship system offering a password secure Church Directory (with names and faces) all of us will be able to search and find our UUCB friends.

Q Who can view my information if I register?

A Only other members of UUCB have access to the church directory. The general public does not have access.

Also, under Privacy Settings you can choose to limit which parts of your information are available to members and which parts to church staff only.

Q Can more than one person use the same email address as login ID?

A No. Each adult must log in with a unique email address.

If you share an email address with someone else, here is what you can do:

  • Create a new email account with one of the free online services (gmail, hotmail, etc.)
  • Set that email address to have anything sent to it forwarded to your main email address.
  • Use the new email address for one person’s InFellowship login ID, and the main email address for the other.

Q What should I do if I see an error message reading “[your email address] is already in use. Please choose another login email.”?

If you share this email address with someone else and they are already in the directory, please choose another login email (see previous question.)

If  you don’t share this email address with anyone else, do not use a different email. Instead

  1. select the UUCB logo on the top of the screen
  2. log in, using the same email
  3. if you don’t remember your password, select “forgot?” next to the Password label.

Questions about Household (spouse, children, etc.) and gender

Q Can I edit the profile of my spouse?
A Not if you are logged in as yourself. Every adult must edit their own profile.
If another person gives you their login and password, however, you may log in as them and edit as you please.

Q Can I edit the profile of my child?
A Yes. Follow the procedure to update your own profile. They will be listed as members of your household, and you will be able to edit them.

Note also that you can set different privacy settings for who is allowed to view information about your children.

Q I have a child (or other family member) that does not display in my Profile. How do I add a record of that person to my Household?

A Two things you can do, depending on whether that person already is in the UUCB database (anyone who is a member is in the database.)

  1. People who who are already in the UUCB database
    1. If you think someone (such as your spouse) already is in the system, please send an email to, requesting that your profiles be joined together into one Household.
  2. People who are not already in the system
    1. Please select this link:
    2. log in to InFellowship, then follow the instructions there for how to create a new record of someone in your household.

Q Why is my husband listed as my wife, my wife as my husband, or both as “wife?”

A UUCB chose Fellowship One as its church management system because it provides all the things the church needs together in one package. Based in Texas, Fellowship One did not have UU sensibilities in mind when designing its software.

  • In the Fellowship One software, currently, people listed as Head of Household display as Husband. People listed as Spouse display as Wife.
  • Fellowship One is working on making system terminology more flexible and up to date.

Q Under “gender,” can I select something other than “male” or “female?”

A This is another item we have asked our software vendor to change. For the time being, although initially the software may only give you two selections, later you can revise it and choose “unspecified.”

Questions about photos

Q Can I use the InFellowship software to crop/prepare a photo to the correct size?

A No. The photo must be prepared for uploading elsewhere.

If you have a digital photo that you would like to use but would like someone else to prepare it for you, send it to and we will send you back an image of the right size.

Q Can I use the photo from the 2013 directory?

Yes, but it will need to be scanned from a printed copy. If you know how to do that, please do so. If not, send a request to and we will scan it for you.

Q Can I include a shot of my family/me and my dog/ etc.?

A The choice of photo is up to you, but headshots of one person look best. The photos will display in a small size, so anything but a headshot will not display well.

Opting in to the directory

Q Will I be listed in the church directory if I do not register with inFellowship?

A No. You must register with UUCB InFellowship to be included in the directory, and also to view the church directory.

Q I have followed the instructions and I can’t log in, who do I contact?

A Send an email to Alisa in the church office or call her at (510) 525-0302, ext. 306.

Q Why can’t I find someone in the directory?

A Each person who wants to be in the directory must opt in, by going to InFellowship privacy settings and checking the “Include me in the church directory” box.

The next time you see someone who is not yet in the directory, encourage them to complete their profile and opt in!