Community Ministry, October 2018

Rev. Theresa Hardy, Community Minister

What to do?

What to do when we of good conscience feel powerless? I have been asking myself this question for two years. With each new move towards autocracy and continued inequality in our country, the desire to answer this question reaches a level of crisis!

What to do? What to do? What to do? There is, of course, exercising my right to vote! There are protests I attend, and community groups I organize with and support. Many of us are busy and engaged in similar activities. And, my faith reminds me that many acts can help in this ongoing resistance to evil.

There is a place for collective engagement both seen and unseen. There are acts done for others and acts done for ourselves to keep our integrity intact.

As we enter this season with multiple ways to participate in keeping our democracy alive, let us not forgot the individual practices that keep us whole and add to the resistance as well.

I have borrowed a practice from a Unitarian Universalist colleague in the Northwest by keeping a battery-operated candle in our window since August. I don’t know that anyone notices, but the ritual of turning on the mechanical flame at dark is powerful for me. It reminds me, that I will not give in or give up! It reminds my children that when there is no light we make our own.

When I schedule my time correctly and meditate in the morning, I offer that time to the cause at hand. The Buddhist loving kindness meditation, may all be happy, may all be healthy, may all be at peace, is what I offer up for those hurting in the world.

So what do we people of good conscience do in these difficult times? Something, we can each do something large or small that adds to the chorus of voices shouting Love Resists. We are on the Side of Love!