Category: Good Neighbor

February 2019 Good Neighbor

Reaching Our Young Ladies (or ROYLs for short) raises community awareness through educational presentations about the harmful effects of Human Trafficking. They work both to help prevent human trafficking and offer a safe and nurturing environment for trafficking victims. Your offering today will … read more.

December 2018 Good Neighbor

The East Bay Sanctuary Covenant is dedicated to offering sanctuary, solidarity, support, community organizing assistance, advocacy, and legal services to those escaping war, terror, political persecution, intolerance, exploitation, and other expressions of violence. The Covenant’s asylum program, one of the largest in the … read more.

November 2018 Good Neighbor

1951 Coffee is a non-profit specialty coffee organization seeking to promote the well-being of the refugee community in the San Francisco Bay Area by providing job training and employment to refugees and asylees while educating the surrounding community about refugee life and issues..

July 2018 Good Neighbor


July Good Neighbor (sharing our collection plate): Hip Hop 4 Change uses grassroots activism to educate people about socio-economic injustices and advocate for solutions through hip hop culture. Our support will help Hip Hop 4 Change expand their work to creatively reclaim rap in ways that … read more.