Appendix: Interns, etc.

Interns, Ministers in Training, Starr King Students Employed at UUCB, and Some Other Staff Positions

Name                                                        At UUCB             Ordained        Comments, Ministry Locations

Prosser, Loring                                          1968–69                1970                Ministerial Assistant;
Buffalo NY, Elkhart IN, Indianapolis, IN. Emeritus at Oaklandon UU Church

Schuler, Michael                                       1974–76                1976                MIT 1974–75, Intern 1975–76, Summer Minister 6/6–7/23/86; Sioux City IA, Binghamton NY, Madison Wisconsin

Rzepka, Jane                                             1974                      1977                MIT, Winchester & Reading MA, Boston MA; Sr. Minister, Church of the Larger Fellowship

Rosen, Harold                                           1975                                              Our RE Director for several years; Pullman WA/Moscow ID, permanent part-time minister

Homer, (Jerry) Goddard                           before 1976           1976                MIT; Sudbury, Springfield MA, Poughkeepsie NY. Aukland NZ, Emeritus – Poughkeepsie

Anderson, Jim                                           1976                                              MIT; (no entry in “My UUA)

Scholefield, Joel                                        1976                                              (no record)

Heller, Anne                                              1976-77                 1978                MIT;     Assoc Public Affairs at Starr King, Auburn CA ; Minneapolis MN – Co-minister. Retired.

Karpeles, Eileen                                        1976–77                1977                Singles Coordinator, 1975–76; Intern 1976 – 77; New London CT, Costa Mesa CA, various interims 1985–93, Sacramento CA, Adult RE

Lapore, Henry and Frederica                    1976–77                                        Summer Ministers 1976;   Rockford IL, Henry left the ministry;  Frederika, Ventura CA, deceased

Smith, Roger                                             1976–77                1979                MIT; Wayzata MN, Pasco WA, Kirkland WA

Bernard, Shannon                                     1977–79                1979                MIT to Public Relations Committee, Summer Minister 1978 – 79; Minister of First UU Church of Essex County 1979–85. Deceased

Fisher, Eric                                                1977                                              MIT to the Music committee;  (no entry in “My UUA”)

Tollefson, Ted                                           1977                      1992                MIT 77–78;    Mahtomedi MN, Northfield MN, River Falls Wisconsin

Wilde, Sydney Nugent                             1978–79                                        Singles coordinator from June 1978. (N/E)

Brugnola, Orlanda                                    1979–80                1979                MIT for 15 months, May 1978–Sept 1979, ordained at UUCB; Brooklyn NY, Columbia & Union Theological Seminary, chaplaincies. Brooklyn NY – Emerita
Teaches philosophy and world religions at a City University college.

Chancey, Joseph                                       1979–80                                        MIT 1979–80.  (N/E)

Hadash, Douglas                                       1979–80                                        MIT 1979–80.   (N/E)

Peck, Frances                                            1979–80                                        DRE 1979–80; may not have been Intern.  (N/E)

Border, Thomas                                        1980                                              Greeter and Home Visitor, Sept 1980; (N/E)

Kast, Charles                                             1980                      1981                MIT April–October 1979, Intern and then Summer Minister Jan–Aug 1980;  Lexington KY, Chicago IL, Chapel Hill NC. Emeritus, Community Church of Chapel Hill UU

Starr, Susan                                               1980                                              Co-leader, with Doug Hadash, of Unitarian Student Association at UC Berkeley 1980

Tepedino, Nina                                         1980                                              MIT  9/80–1/81; Resigned in December 1980 (returned to the Catholic church) (N/E)

Shelton, Jerry                                            1980–81                                        MIT 1980–81 (N/E)

Aronson, Stan                                           1981–82                1982                MIT; 82–89 Extension and interim ministries, Minister, Stamford CT. Emeritus, UU Society

Brown, Charlotte                                      1982                                              Intern 1982; Summer Minister in 1985 (N/E)

Flanders, Robert                                       1982–83                1984                Outreach Coordinator, may not have been intern. Possibly MIT; Minister Flagstaff AZ 2000–03. Retired 2010

Collins, Jacqueline                                    1983–84                1984                MIT Sep–Dec, 1983, Intern Ja–Aug. 1984 Ordained at FUCB 9/23/84. Appleton WI, Charleston SC, Emerita, Unitarian Church in Charleston

Smith-Roberts, Lynn                                1983–84                1986                Intern Mar–Dec 1983; Bismarck ND, Quincy IL, Macomb IL

Gerhmann, Axel                                        1984                      1990                Landscaper and MIT 1984; Stuttgart, Germany, Watertown NY, Urbana IL

Knoll, John                                                1984–85                                        Intern 1984–85.  (N/E)

Brown, Charlotte Shivers                         1985                                              Intern 1982; Summer Minister 1985 (N/E)

Jessup, Bryan                                            1985                                              Head Custodian during his Starr King years; Wilmington DE, Sanford ME, Fresno CA

ten Hove, Jac Berend                                1985                      1988                Intern 9/85–1/86;   Edmonds WA, Golden CO, Adelphi MD, Bainbridge Island WA

Jorgensen, Kay                                          1986                      1988                Intern Feb 1– Aug 30, 1986; Brooklyn Center MN,
1999 co-founder and President of Faithful Fools Street Ministry, San Francisco

Norman, Jim                                              1986                                              Intern Sept 1985–Jan 1986, MIT Feb–May 1986; (N/E)

Rimositis, Geoff                                       1986                      1989                MIT 9/86–87 and Asst. Custodian; Religious Educator in Lexington MA & San Jose CA

Bowler, Beau                                            1989–1992            1994                Sexton for 3 years, Intern?; Cotswold England;

Kapper, Mary                                            1994–95                1989                MIT, Later became Community Minister at UUCB;  Mankato MN; Hanska, MN

Johnston, Drew                                         1997–98                1999                Summer Minister 1998; Kennewick, Pasco & Bainbridge Island WA, Detroit MI, Miami FL

Freedman, Amy                                        1998–99                1999                Summer Minister 1999; Vineyard Haven MA, Newport RI

Dennison, Sean                                         1999–2000            2000                Summer Minister 2000; Stockton CA, Salt Lake City UT, San Luis Obispo CA

Moldenhauer-Salazar, Sarah                     2000–01                2004                Summer Minister 2001; Laguna Beach CA

Julie Kain                                                  2001–02                2003                Acting Minister (during ministerial Sabbatical) and Summer Minister 2002; San Diego CA. Pensacola FL

Betancourt, Sofia                                      2002–03                2004                Summer Minister 2003; Stockton CA, UUA Coord. for Racial & Ethnic Concerns

Forde, Alicia                                             2003–04                2005                Intern; Cheyenne WY, Loveland CO, UUA Multicultural Congregations

Melcher, Jeff                                             2006–08                                        Intern; (N/E)

Lynn Gardner                                           2008–09                2009                Intern; Auburn CA

Darcy Baxter                                            2010–11

Marcus Liefert                                          2011–13

Laura Bogle                                              2-11–2012                                     Family Minister



Ministerial Internship: a full-time supervised student placement with a congregation for a minimum of six months during the active church year (a Fellowshipping Committee requirement)


Minister in Training: Basic concept: an MIT is the minister of a segment of the church.  Part of the MIT experience is also to do some counseling, weddings,or funerals

(N/E) = no entry in the UUA listing of ordained ministers providing contact information or history. Our archives are not comprehensive and don’t fill in the information.