The Coordinating Team (“CT”) is in transition, as of 2020, from a decision-making body to an advisory one, assisting the new Executive Director in handling operational issues and becoming familiar with the church.

The Coordinating Team meets on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month from 10 am to noon. Meetings are open to the congregation, but we occasionally change meeting date and place to accommodate member obligations and church operations, so if you’re interested in attending, please contact the Executive Director to verify the schedule and meeting place. Use the same contact to send any other questions.

Current members of the CT are:

Tess Snook O’Riva (Executive Director and Convener)
Alice Lemieux (Family Ministry liaison)
Hilary Lorraine (Program Council liaison)
Larry Nagel (Treasurer)
Rev. Michelle Collins
Kerry Simpson (Board President)/Kathryn Jay (acting president)