Memories and Memorials

Memorial Day is more than the traditional start to summer. How do we remember about our past, especially the wars we have fought and the soldiers who lost their lives fighting for their country, in way that promotes healing and spiritual growth?

The Blessing in Leaving

This week in worship we will lean into the power and blessing in saying goodbye well as we bid farewell to several people. This is our Intern Minister, the Rev. Amanda Weatherspoon’s final Sunday among us, we will send the Jay family forth with our blessings as they prepare to move to the Twin Cities for Kathryn’s ministerial internship, and Lindsay Lam will share about her experience growing in faith as she prepares to go off to college.

Offspring of Skywoman, Children of Eve

Drawing from Robin Wall Kimmerer’s experience as a botanist and member of the Potowatami Nation, this story/sermon will look at the joining of generations and the origin stories we tell about the earth and all its creatures.