A Shared Ministry

11 am

Ministry is no longer an act provided only by those who are ordained and called to serve. Ministry happens wherever individuals embrace the belief that their good interests, ideas, cooperation and collaboration are also a way to bless and serve the congregation. How is … read more.

The Rapture

9 am and 11 am

In the Left Behind series, author and minister Tim LaHaye talks about the rapture. The rapture, for those of us who haven’t spent time in the south or who don’t listen to Garrison Keillor, is the apocalyptic accounting of the end … read more.

A Religion Willing to Say ‘Hell No!’

A Religion Willing to Say “Hell No!” – Rev. Greg Ward with Carol Carlisle. Long ago in our Universalist heritage there was a man named John Murray who said, “Give them not hell, but hope and courage…” It was a way of both denouncing a fear-based religious approach to Love AND learning to approach Love by modeling hope and courage. In this sermon, we will examine the hell created to scare us and the hell we create ourselves.

What Women Really Want

9 am and 11 am

Is it really such a good idea to allow a divorced, middle aged, white man to talk about what women really want? Regardless of our answer, that is what this country – and much of the world – has settled for … read more.

Heart Communion – Intergenerational (Valentines Day / President’s Day Weekend)


9 am and 11 am

Celebrate Valentines Day surrounded by the love of people of all ages at church. This service centers around a timely intergenerational story… Somewhere, far, far away in a community, ironically much like ours, there lived people in the midst of great transition. And they were looking … read more.

When Diversity is Tested


9:00 and 11:00

Imagine you are in charge of diversity for a community. AND imagine the very diversity you help create, feels so unpredictable, chaotic, even scary such that you begin to wonder about your own safety. If you can imagine this, then you can imagine … read more.

Who Shall Inherit the Church?

9:00 and 11:00 a.m.

New year, old church. While the boat of liberal religion has always moved in the cultural tides, the institutional church has long offered a mooring. Many UUs now contend that our institutional survival demands we cast off from the congregation and move … read more.