Testimonial – Lenore Ralston

I have loved Chalice Circles from the very first one I joined, 5 years ago! I have been in one ever since, as for me, the small group ministry is more in keeping with how I like to relate: learning more about others as well as being able to share my thoughts, over time.

The format is so simple, yet so powerful. The gift of “listening appreciatively” to another person, and have the same done for you, can be profound. I am someone who has to pause at times, in the course of telling my truth, to let the inner dialogue catch up with how I am articulating what it is I am trying to say. So often, in school, leaving a silence gave the signal for someone else to jump in, and I was left with fragments of half spoken thoughts.

Some of my closest friends in the church, now, are those I have spent time with in Chalice Circles. I am now on my 6th! I am passionate about this program, relish the opportunity to meet new members as well as get to know longer term church members in greater depth!


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