Testimonial – Dick Sherman

I speak here mostly to the men in our congregation, or men who are “friends but not members” of UUCB, or men who have visited and are wondering whether to come back and what UUCB has to offer them. This is my focus here because, relatively speaking, many more women than men have participated in Chalice Circles and I would like to see that change.
If you have read this far on our website you now know what a Chalice Circle is and what it is not. All I want to add here is that I only started coming to UUCB about a year ago and joined in February. But from the very first, I joined a Chalice Circle. It was a small group, but its impact on me was huge.
Learning to listen deeply to others, without judgment and without planning what I was going to say about what I heard, was a very profound experience. Being able to share my own feelings/thoughts/experiences without fear of being judged, criticized, or given unsolicited advice, was just as profound. For me, as a male (and a retired lawyer) it was a frame breaking experience that enriched my life. I urge you to give it a try!

Dick Sherman

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