On Prodigals and Prophets

Speaking out of her own experience as an ordained (and excommunicated) Catholic woman, Rev. Christine Haider-Winnett will reflect on what it means to leave, return to, and make home in communities that have hurt us. How can we claim our place– and make room for others– in the messy and dysfunctional “family” of humanity?

The Individual and the Community

Our UU 1st principle calls on us to respect the “inherent worth and dignity of every person.” Our 7th Principle calls on us to respect the “interdependent web of all existence, of which we are a part.” How can we as a congregation, a religious movement, and a society, work to create a world that recognizes both the worth of every person and our part in the interdependent web of community.

Washed in the Power of Love

Our religious ancestors believed in a universal salvation; a Love that was too large to turn anyone away. Unlike our Christian ancestors, many of us no longer believe that is the blood of sacrifice that saves but rather the all encompassing agape Love that once touched, is so transformative that we will save ourselves here in this reality. Please join us as we explore a re-envisioning of Unitarian Universalist salvation and the power of Love.

Offspring of Skywoman, Children of Eve

Drawing from Robin Wall Kimmerer’s experience as a botanist and member of the Potowatami Nation, this story/sermon will look at the joining of generations and the origin stories we tell about the earth and all its creatures.

The Blessing in Leaving

This week in worship we will lean into the power and blessing in saying goodbye well as we bid farewell to several people. This is our Intern Minister, the Rev. Amanda Weatherspoon’s final Sunday among us, we will send the Jay family forth with our blessings as they prepare to move to the Twin Cities for Kathryn’s ministerial internship, and Lindsay Lam will share about her experience growing in faith as she prepares to go off to college.