Burning of Grudges


This New Year’s Eve morn, we will prepare for 2018 with a ritual of cleansing and letting go of those things that limit or burden us. This is a service for all ages. No religious education classes or childcare today.

Abundant Life

11 a.m.

Join us for this service for all ages including a story, harvest hymns, a sermon, and sharing cornbread as we give thanks for all manner of abundance in our lives. Special musical guests: the Berkeley High School Jazz Ensemble.

Music Sunday + Food Drive Sunday

11 a.m.

What lets your soul take flight? For many, music does, and today will focus on music that lifts the heart and spirit. “Flight Song” by the young composer Kim Arnesen includes these words: “Songs of lives unfolding fly over head, moving like the rise and fall of wings, music’s fierce compassion flows…” And don’t forget to bring your food or financial donation to church because this Sunday is Food Drive Sunday!

Where the Heart Is


Some of us have spent a lifetime searching for a place to call home, a sanctuary of respite in difficult times. Others have been lucky enough to have sweet memories of a childhood home or have created their own places of spiritual and emotional renewal. How does home nourish your spirit? How can we as a church community help people feel at home? Can we find the courage to offer sanctuary to others?

To Fix or Fight the System?

11:00 a.m.

158 years ago this week, in an attempt to arm slaves for revolt, John Brown led a raid on Harper’s Ferry. Of the six people who funded Brown’s raid, five were Unitarians. This week in worship we will seek wisdom and courage from our past as we consider today’s liberal and radical perspectives on how to build a better world. Middle and high schoolers are invited to stay for whole of worship while children in elementary school will join Rev. Christian in the Fireside Room for Children’s Chapel after the time for all ages.

Our Religious Home

11:00 a.m.

Join us as we explore how we human beings understand the world through a faithful perspective and as we honor the Jewish festival of Sukkot.

The Courage to Covenant

11:00 a.m.

Last year the Youth-Adult team focused on the promise that we make to each other and the promise we make between generations within our community. Join us as we explore the promise of covenant with UUCB’s Youth Adult Team. Middle and high schoolers are invited to remain in the service while children in elementary school will have their regular classes. Come explore this vital aspect of community and service!

Blessing of the Animals

12:30 p.m.

Calling all pets for a blessing of the animals service out on the Terrace.  Animals of all kinds are welcome in carriers, on leashes, or you can even bring a picture of your pet to be blessed.