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Ann Harlow, Program Council Convener
Ann Harlow, Program Council Convener
  • Program Council, December 2016

    The Program Council has been successfully fostering communication and collaboration between different program areas. For example, the Family Ministry Youth-Adult Team and the Social justice Council worked together on the November food drive. Pastoral Care, Membership, Stewardship and Communications have been putting their heads together on how to make sure the church is aware of and acknowledging major happenings in congregants’ lives. We are developing a new process for the approval of newly formed (or reconstituted) groups and recently approved a new World Peace Committee. We are encouraging people who propose a new event to line up a sponsoring group and make a case for the value and priority of the event vis-à-vis the resources it will require. We are compiling a record of event attendance, income and expenses that should be helpful for future planning. A revised guide or handbook for lay leaders and other active members explaining “how things work at UUCB” is also in the works.

  • Program Council, Oct. 2016

    The Program Council had two meetings in September because it had not had a regular meeting in July or August. We took care of a little cleanup of the language of our charter document and the Program Council Member position description; both revisions will be submitted to the Coordinating Team for their approval.

    One of the Program Council’s responsibilities is to keep track of groups within the church as they occasionally come and go or, more frequently, change leadership. We approved the re-creation of the World Peace Committee with a revised mission statement and Read Heath designated as the contact person. Please notify me if your group has a change of contact person or mission, or wants to affiliate with a different program area within the Program Council structure. We hope to refine the annual reporting process over the next several months.

    We also invite you to bring up to me ( or to your program area representative any suggestions you may have about how the church could function more optimally, especially regarding actions that touch on more than one program area or that will make the church more appealing to prospective members—so that we can have a transformative effect on more lives and a deeper impact on the world around us.

  • Program Council Update, September 2016

    The Program Council is currently immersed in joining with the Growth Strategy Team to bring our wonderful church to the attention of people out in the wider community who might find coming here a life-changing experience.

    At our August retreat we celebrated the arrival of several new Program Council members and thanked Joanne Wile for bravely leading this new venture for its first year. We did some looking back and a lot of looking forward, talking about how we will work together mindfully and what we would like to accomplish together.

    Our next meeting will be on September 7 at 7:15 pm, then in October we will return to 3rd Wednesdays. Members are welcome to observe Program Council meetings. A report of the decisions made by the council in 2015-16 can be downloaded from the Church Documents page of the UUCB website,

  • Program Council Update, August 2016

    The Program Council held a potluck dinner during candidating week with the potential new ministers. We discussed the role of the Program Council in decision-making, representation of the various groups in the church, and ideas about the two Sunday services. Mary Muehlbach and Carol Carlisle are joining the Council as co-representatives for the Worship program area.  A task force will be meeting with Mary Ellen Morgan to explore audiovisual improvements in the church.

    The Program Council will have a retreat on August 13 and will hold its next regular meeting on September 7 at 7:15 pm. Members are welcome to observe Program Council meetings. A report of the decisions made by the council in 2015-16 can be downloaded here from the Church Documents page of the UUCB website.

  • Program Council, July 2016

    The Program Council has entered a period of transitions in its membership. We have elected, and the Coordinating Team has confirmed, Ann Harlow as the Program Council Convener beginning in September, which means she will also serve on the Coordinating Team. Program areas and their representatives on the Program Council will now be:

    Adult Religious and Spiritual Exploration – Lonnie Moseley (Adult Workshops & Classes, Humanist Connections, Personal Theology, Write for Your Life)

    Buildings and Grounds – Larry Nagel (Aesthetics Committee, Buildings and Grounds Council, Freestone Retreat Committee, Kitchen Team, Landscape Committee, Safety Working Group)

    Communications – David Lingenfelter (Communications Team, Publications, Video, Website)

    Family Ministry – Glen Augustine and co-chair TBD (Coming of Age, Family Ministry Committee, High School Youth Advisors, Youth Adult Team)

    Finance – Ira Nelken (Book Table, Financial Advisory Committee, Fundraising, Jewelry Table, Snack Table, Stewardship)

    Membership – Paul Hudson (Gen UU, Membership Ministry Committee, Wheel of Life, Young Adult Network)

    Music and Arts – Gail Simpson (Adult Choir, Early Birds, Gamelan Ensemble, Handicrafters, Music Committee, Play Readers Anonymous)

    Pastoral Care – Barbara Cullinane (Appreciation Circle, Caring Circle, Chaplains, Pastoral Associates)

    Social Justice – Kelly Kelly (Climate Core: A Community of Concern for Climate Change (6C Group), Confronting Racism, Contra Costa Interfaith Supporting Community Organizations (CCISCO), Friends of Developing Indigenous Resources (DIR), Good Neighbor, Greater Richmond Interfaith Program (GRIP), Green Sanctuary, Partner Church Committee, Read Aloud Volunteer Program, Summer Forum)

    Worship – Carol Carlisle and Mary Muehlbach (tentative) (Altar Flowers, Chalice Circles, Mist Tree Moon Circle, Presentation Associates (Slide Nerds), Ushers, Worship Associates)

    If you have a group not listed above that wishes to affiliate with one of these areas, please contact me,

    The Program Council will meet with the ministerial candidate on July 6 (in place of its regular monthly meeting), and will hold a retreat on August 13 at Gail Simpson’s house. We appreciate the work of the first’s year’s participants and welcome our new members.

  • Program Council Update, June 2016

    At the Calendaring Summit on May 14, led by Ann Harlow, lay leaders submitted calendar requests for the next 12 months for everything from major fundraising events to monthly and weekly group meetings. Linda Laskowski reported on plans for a pilot program for a social justice-oriented, cross-congregation Chalice Circle. Ann gave a synopsis of the Program Council’s first year. There was discussion of midweek suppers and programs for next year, the new Sunday schedule that will start in the fall (services at 9:30 and 11:15, Personal Theology at 9:30), and how the new schedule will be phased in considering that the Growth Strategy Team is making plans for a major UUCB presence at the Solano Stroll on September 11.

    We thank the following outgoing Program Council members: Jim Gasperini (Communications), Kathryn Jay (Worship), and Barbara Rockhold (Adult Education). Jim will be succeeded by David Lingenfelter and Barbara by Lonnie Moseley. The Council is working on succession planning in general and has proposed a candidate to the Coordinating Team for a two-year term as Program Council Convener beginning in September. We are looking forward to a half-day retreat in August.

  • Program Council, May 2016

    The Program Council has been working on policies and procedures for recognition of interest groups and committees. This year, instead of individual groups submitting reports for the church’s Annual Report, each Program Council representative has been asked to provide a brief summary of their program area’s doings and plans.

    We have also continued to consult with the Coordinating Team about ways to improve the Sunday morning schedule of offerings.

    All lay leaders and prospective leaders are encouraged to attend the Calendaring Meeting and Summit on Saturday morning, May 14, in the Fireside Room. Bring anything you want to get on the calendar for 2016-17 and your thoughts about how we can make it a great year with excellent communication and collaboration. We will have coffee and snacks at 9:30 and provide color-coded post-its for the giant calendar, then convene the meeting at 10 and adjourn by noon.

  • Program Council News, March 2016

    In our January meeting we heard a presentation by the Growth Strategy Team and discussed ways of strengthening our “Pathways to Engagement.” A task force was designated to discuss Sunday morning programming and presented its recommendations at the February Program Council meeting, for referral to the Coordinating Team.

    The Heartbeat concert on March 20 is an example of the kind of cooperation across groups (Social Justice, Music and Facilities) that the Program Council fosters. We are also looking at how we can support Family Ministry efforts.

    We agreed to reinstate an old policy against tables in the Atrium except in a few exceptional situations. All Sunday attendees are encouraged to visit the various tables in the Social Hall.

  • Program Council, January 2016

    The Program Council continues to explore what to do about the 9 am Sunday service. We need to be prepared for a spike in attendance and membership next fall after our new minister arrives. We don’t want visitors turned off by thinking the parking lot or sanctuary are too full. We need to aim for a membership of at least 450 in order to stay on top of facilities maintenance costs, and we hope to grow much more. At our January 20 meeting we will hear from the Growth Strategy Team their ideas about revising our Sunday schedule, and on February 21 there will be a Congregational Conversation to review the pros and cons of various options and get your feedback.

    We are also hoping to sponsor some interesting programs on leadership as personal growth on Wednesday evenings, possibly this spring and definitely in the fall.

    The Program Council meets on the third Wednesday of each month, 7:30-9:30 pm in the Safir Room. Members of the congregation are welcome to observe meetings.

  • Program Council News, December 2015

    Joanne Wile, Convener

    The new Program Council has held its second and third meetings. In October, we approved a new bulletin board policy: “The purpose of the bulletin boards is to provide timely news on specific areas of interest, including upcoming church, local, and denominational events. All postings should be dated and be consistent with the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley’s mission and values. Members and others may post business cards and other notices. Posters advertising non-UUCB events are limited to 8-1/2 x 11 inches. The Communications Team will monitor the bulletin boards or appoint a volunteer to do so, who will be responsible for removing outdated postings. Any concerns or conflicts about bulletin board usage should be brought to the attention of the Communications Team.”

    We began to share ideas of what the Council would like to achieve in the coming year. One proposal was for the development of a leadership institute. This idea is consistent with recommendations being discussed by the Growth Strategy Team.

    Rev. Greg invited us to explore the pros and cons of UUCB’s conducting two services each Sunday. Attendance at the 9 am service has been dwindling lately to 20 or fewer. The band Soul Rising will play in the 9 am service for the next five weeks, but would probably need to be paid to continue beyond Christmas. The Program Council would like your opinions on the future of the 9 am service. Please talk to the representative most closely aligned with your interests: Liz Camara (Family Ministry), Jim Gasperini (Communications), Ann Harlow (Facilities), Paul Hudson (Membership), Kathryn Jay (Worship), Kelly Kelly (Social Justice), Ira Nelken (Finance), Jane Ramsey (Pastoral Care), Barbara Rockhold (Adult Religious/Spiritual Education), or Gail Simpson (Music and Arts). We will continue exploring the subject at our December and January meetings and probably schedule an open forum for discussion of UUCB’s Sunday schedule of offerings in general.