• Membership Signing, October 9, 2016

    Sunday, October 9, 2016, 12:30 p.m. Minister’s Office. If you feel that UUCB is a place that supports your values and your desire for a loving community, Revs. Kristin and Christian invite you to become members of UUCB on Sunday, October 9, 2016, at 12:30 p.m. The Membership Signing time with the ministers is a special time of connection. We share our stories of coming to Unitarian Universalism and find out what our church can do to support your spiritual and humanist vision and goals. Please know that you can attend the Membership Signing even if you are not sure if membership in UUCB is something you want at this point. RSVP to membership@uucb.org and let me know if you are coming. Lunch will be served. So, let me know so I can plan for your lunch and participation.

  • Membership Ministry

    moseley hudsonWays That YOU Can Reach Out for UUCB: Making UUCB’s presence known in the wider community is something that can only happen if we work together. Here are some ideas for extending our reach that everyone can do!

    1. Bring someone on a Sunday to Personal Theology and/or worship. Bring a friend’s child or your children’s friends to a religious education class.
    2. Let friends know about our wonderful religious education programs for both children and adults.
    3. Become a Purple Mugs Person and warmly welcome both newcomers and people-new-to-you.
    4. Wear your name tag at every Sunday service (with your Purple Mugs sticker attached!)
    5. Pick up a recycled copy of UU World in the Atrium, and give to friends or distribute in the community.
    6. Tell return newcomers that you’re glad they came back.
    7. Intentionally sit beside a newcomer at a Sunday service.
    8. Put a UU decal on your car or home window.
    9. Wear UU jewelry and clothing.
    10. Use a UU coffee mug at work.
    11. Practice your response to the question, “What is Unitarian Universalism?”
    12. Host a party to which you invite both members and nonmembers.
    13. Like our Facebook page www.facebook.com/uuberkeley/ and like and share postings.
    14. Visit our YouTube page www.youtube.com/user/uucb and send links to friends of sermons and music.
    15. Participate in UUCB Social Justice events and wear your yellow Standing on the Side of Love T-Shirt.
  • Membership Outreach

    Sept. 13 – UUCB on Solano  We will be hosting our annual UUCB Solano Stroll booth on Sunday, September 13, from 9am to 6pm. This is our chance to put our best face forward before the 200,000+ people who are out on Solano for the day. We need YOUR beautiful face at the booth! 

    We will be decorating our booth with joyful, life-celebrating, exuberant, exotic, and whimsical decorations to evoke the celebration and embrace of life and the spirit. There will be games and activities for kids, too.

    Booth volunteers are needed in one-hour slots 9am – 6pm. If you have a flare for design, we particularly need booth decorators at 9am.

    If you can’t commit to a booth time slot, please just come by and hang out for a bit. The booth will be between Santa Fe and Curtis, in front of the Pub on Solano.

  • New Name Tags Are Here!

    Members! Our beautiful new name tags are ready and waiting at the Welcome Table. They come with a hands–free holder — easy to put on and no more ugly pin–holes in your clothes! And now names are BIG ENOUGH so people can actually read them! (What a concept!) No more frantic fumbling through your mental rolodex while you smile vacantly hoping for enlightenment. So, please, be kind to your church friends who have trouble remembering names. Pick up your new name tags the next time you’re at church.

  • Welcome to our New Membership Consultant!

    kalendae jeremiahIt is an honor to serve with all of you in spreading the good news of our liberal faith!  My service in this community will focus on professional consultation around growing membership and hospitality ministry.  I will continue to serve full-time in my work as the Director of Admissions and Recruitment at Starr King School for the Ministry, and as a spiritual leader in two other multi-religious communities. 

    I grew up at West Shore UU Church in Rocky River, Ohio, interned at All Souls Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, completed a clinical residency at the Cleveland Clinic, was awarded the Killam Fellowship at First Unitarian Church of Cleveland, graduated from Starr King School for the Ministry, and served the San Francisco community for years before returning to work in theological education.  In addition, I am trained as an advanced practice social worker and have completed significant doctoral studies in eastern philosophy.  As a practitioner of Islamic Sufism, Sanātana Dharma, and indigenous Indian religion, these lineages inform my organic multi-religious spirituality.

    I am a public intellectual, artist, and revolutionary activist for social change as it relates to ecological sustainability, anti-racism, indigenous rights/decolonization, women’s rights, LGBTIQ equality, refugee/asylee support, HIV/AIDS advocacy, ability and mental illness awareness, animal rights/veganism, and poverty and global inequality. I was recently asked to testify before Berkeley City Council regarding proposed anti-homelessness legislation, and I’ve played a role in local #blacklivesmatter protests.  I look forward to what the future holds in our creative work together!

    Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae

  • Faith in Our Future

    moseley hudsonOur UU Youth “School” the Adults

    It was thrilling to be at the Sunday service that was dedicated to the Coming of Age program for our Youth.  Unitarian Universalism invites, encourages and celebrates the seeker whose spirituality is unbounded and who draws from science, nature, personal experience, and many religious text.

    We tell our youth that they can bring their whole selves to church: their full identities, questioning minds, and their expansive hearts.  And then they do.

    Listening to these exquisite young people tell their truth was breathtaking.  They talked of their experiences as UUs; their experiences of God and what they envision for themselves going into the future.

    What was breathtaking?  That all the youth had a different way of seeing and approaching the sacred in their lives.   That our UU faith asked that they go deep within to find their truths—and they did. 

    It is our youth that will be taking over the stewardship of UUCB as members in the years to come.  They will then guide and mentor the next generation’s youth to continue the work of this wonderful faith that respects the worth and dignity of all persons.

    The week before the Coming of Age service, one of our youth, Billy Augustine, talked for two minutes of his personal journey and his words have stayed with me and other members.  Billy’s words are shared below.

    “When I started Coming of Age I thought it was going to be like a birthday party, a party that I wasn’t too excited about. And the day after I officially came of age everyone would ask me “do you feel different?” “Are you enlightened?”  “How have you changed?”  I thought I would just shrug and say “I woke up the same person I was yesterday”. I thought wrong. And while I haven’t had an awakening, I do feel that I am not the 100% same person I was at the beginning of Coming of Age.

    Over the past few months my parents have been trying to help me learn how to be more of an adult on my own. They have given me more freedom. With having more freedom I have more chances to do what I want, but I also have a lot more chances to stumble or fall. Coming of Age has helped me in that it has allowed me to fall. It has also permitted me to get back up on my own. This I feel is an amazing gift because when I pick myself up from falling is when I feel closest to being enlightened and changed and different.”  — Billy Augustine

    In faith,

    Paul and Lonnie

    Membership Night and Potluck, Thursday, July 30, 2015, 5:30 p.m.- 7:30 p.m. Come have dinner, meet people and then spend an hour finding out about UUCB, Unitarian Universalism and the covenant and promise of connection that members share with each other. Please RSVP to Lonnie Moseley or call 510-655-1444.  Let us know if you will need childcare.

  • Living Our Faith Out Loud

    moseley hudsonWhat would it be like to be “out” as Unitarian Universalists?  Our faith tradition has good news that is itching to be shared.  That we are all connected much more than we know.  That there is an embracing love available to us, and all we need to do is reach out for it.  That this love is emergent from a community like ours. That we share this love through our work for justice. And, unlike many other religions that make similar claims, our community embraces everyone for exactly who they are and for what they hold most dearly in faith and in practice.

    Share this good news, and live our faith on your sleeve and on your yellow Standing on the Side of Love t-shirt.  There are many ways to invite friends and neighbors to taste a bit of what UUCB has on offer to them and the world.  If everyone invited just one new person a year, we would deepen our service to each other and to the local and global communities, and enrich our programs of worship and learning. The Membership Ministry Committee and our Outreach Team has assembled this document, Ideas for Extending Invitations into UUCB, to help you live our faith out loud and make UUCB’s presence and good news be known far and wide.  Please be part of our ongoing, everyday outreach!

    In faith

    Paul and Lonnie

  • Next Membership Night!

    moseley lonnie 2013Thursday, July 30, 2015, 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.

    PotLuck, Vespers, Connections, Information, Sharing Your Story, and Love! Wow!

    Are you considering membership at UUCB? Or have you visited a few times and are curious what the UUCB community is all about? If you answered yes to either question, please come to a special Membership Night on Thursday, July 30, 2015, at 5:30 p.m. 

    Email Lonnie Moseley to make a reservation and/or to get more information or call 510-655-1444.  We will provide childcare for your entire evening, if you need it.  So definitely let me know if you want childcare services and I’ll make arrangements.

    Here’s how the evening will go.  We’ll provide dinner starting at 5:30 p.m. and during dinner together with other members, you’ll enjoy great conversation and a delicious meal prepared by Chef Richie Dawkins. At 7:00 p.m., there will be a Vesper service that promises a sweet time of quiet, reflection, and song. When vespers end at 7:30 p.m. the Membership Information portion will start and you will get answers to all of your questions about UUCB and being a member of this wonderful community; and also an opportunity to share your story of how and why you came to UUCB.

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  • The Ideal UUCB Member — For Me!

    moseley lonnie 2013Those of you who know me, know I’m a fairly opinionated person (“Fairly opinionated!!?” said my friend, Carol Carlisle, in astonishment). Ok, I have strong points of view and I like talking and interacting with people who also have strong points of view (Elizabeth Hutchins).

    So, I’m just providing you that caveat in case you strongly disagree with my column this month. Just know I would enjoy having a strong conversation with you about my thoughts on the “Ideal UUCB Member–for me!”

    I joined UUCB as a member eight years ago for two primary reasons, our inclusiveness and our Covenant. I quickly learned that all liberal religions are inclusive and that’s not what made UUCB completely unique for me.

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  • Membership News, March 2015

    moseley lonnie2010cAt the first Membership Night in January, Rev. Greg quoted Rev. Mark Morrison Reid that the role of the church is to transform society. I loved that. At the same time, Rev. Greg said that the role of the church was to also help us transform ourselves. To understand our own triggers and immediate fight-or-flight tendencies.

    When we are together in the Sunday service or in Personal Theology listening to uplifting words or in a workshop where the higher values are being talked about, we relax and expand. Our brains feel safe and we are better able to transform ourselves.

    Transform myself? Who has time for that? It’s been so busy lately with all the UUCB activities that I’m just trying to transform the clothes in my laundry hamper to clean clothes. Transforming myself just sounds like more work – for which there is a to-do list the length of my arm that precedes even the thought of transforming myself.

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