Lisa Maynard, Convener
Lisa Maynard, Convener
  • The Coordinating Team meets on the first and third Thursdays of each month from 10 am to noon. Our meetings are open to the congregation, but we occasionally change meeting date and place to accommodate member obligations and church operations, so if you’re interested in attending, please contact the CT convener to verify the schedule and meeting place. Use the same contact to send any other questions.


  • Coordinating Team News, June 2017

    As I mentioned last month, my term as CT Convener will end in August. Who will be the next CT Convener?

    The CT Convener should possess the ability to understand and participate in practical aspects of managing church operations. Some experience with budgeting and human resources is desirable. Even more important is the ability to look at the “big picture” when making decisions about church operations—or in other words, the ability to view church operations from the perspective of pursuing our mission and achieving our ends. Other important qualities are discretion (for example, in the area of human resources), a commitment to collaborative working relationships with UUCB staff and lay leadership, and respect for the contributions of all members of our church community.

    The CT Convener makes monthly reports to the Board of Trustees and attends Board meetings and also writes this monthly Beacon article in order to communicate to the congregation.

    I have found the job interesting and rewarding. If you think you might be interested in taking on a leadership role such as this one, please contact me at to learn more about it!

  • Coordinating Team, May 2017

    May is filled with church activities! As we move into the last several weeks of our church year, our busy calendar includes the installation of our co-ministers on May 7, and a congregational meeting on May 21—among many other events, activities, and meetings.

    The Coordinating Team is excited about the 2017-18 budget proposal, which the congregation has the opportunity to approve at that May 21 meeting. As I mentioned last month, the budget planning process presents quite a challenge, to balance wonderful possibilities with the projected available funding. The CT was glad to propose a budget that includes funding for an intern minister position, more equitable staff compensation, and some operational cost increases and adjustments (fortunately we are able to balance some of the increases by economies in other areas).

    Aside from all this financial planning, one of the things on my mind lately is the end of my term as CT Convener—and the need to find someone to take on this important role in August. The position has a two-year term; limited terms for such lay leadership positions help us all remember that the job is distinct from the person doing it. It’s time for me to move on, and for someone else to have all this fun!

  • Coordinating Team Notes, April 2017

    In our budget planning for 2017-18, as usual, it is challenging to balance what we would like to accomplish with the available resources. By mid-April, the Coordinating Team will conclude its discussion and balancing process, and forward a proposed budget to the Board of Trustees for their review. The congregation will vote on the budget at the May Congregational Meeting.

    In order to support the work of the Program Council until the nomination and approval process for a new Convener can take place, Jean Gleason has agreed to fill in as interim Program Council Convener (and CT member), through June 2017.

  • Coordinating Team, March 2017

    The Coordinating Team has scheduled two budget preview sessions:

    • Thursday, March 9, 7:30-9:00 pm in the Fireside Room
    • Sunday, March 19, 12:45-2:15 pm in the Fireside Room

    At these sessions, we will provide an overview of our proposed budget, and outline operational changes that would go with the proposed budget. We will also present planning and leadership opportunities related to the suggested changes. For me, this budget planning process has been a great chance to work with our new settled ministers as they bring a fresh perspective to allocating the resources of our congregation. Let’s explore new possibilities together!

    Ann Harlow has resigned as Convener of the Program Council and member of the CT. We thank her for her dedicated service. We are in the process of looking for someone to take her place; the nominee must be approved by the Program Council, CT and Board of Trustees.


  • Coordinating Team, February 2017

    The Coordinating Team’s recent discussion topics have included:

    • hiring a sound system consultant to help us plan for excellent and reliable sound amplification for our Sanctuary, Social Hall, and Fireside Room;
    • next steps in returning our smaller meeting rooms to general use (the upstairs Conference Room is ready, hurray!);
    • the importance of clarity and of understanding how our actions contribute to our mission;
    • the need for safety plans and evacuation drills;
    • and of course our budget plans for the 2017-18 fiscal year!

    We will provide some budget information sessions in March (dates and times will be announced later).

    One way of looking at the role of the Coordinating Team is to say that we oversee the matching of operational needs with actions and resources, in order to pursue the mission of our church. Sometimes those resources are financial, for example when we contracted for mold remediation in some of our meeting rooms. At other times the resources consist of time, energy, expertise and commitment. Our dedicated staff provides such resources every day, yet to operate our church we need those resources from our members too. Thanks to our generous volunteers, who run the slides during Sunday services, organize social justice activities, guide our children in religious education, and serve on our Board of Trustees and many other committees, we get a lot done! And there are still many more opportunities to work together as a community!

  • Coordinating Team News, January 2017

    Lisa Maynard, Coordinating Team Convener

    Happy New Year!

    For years, as an employee and later as a volunteer, I have focused on finances and budget planning in January. Our church fiscal year, like that of many organizations, begins July 1, and it takes us a few months to complete our budget process, from initial planning through congregational approval. These financial ponderings at a time of short days and cold weather help me to focus on renewal and possibilities, instead of hiding under my blankets and waiting for spring.

    Our co-ministers have brought a fresh perspective and a wealth of training and experience to our congregation. The CT has been discussing their ideas for use of our resources to foster community, hope and action in 2017 and 2018. One priority we have already established is the hiring of an intern minister, and indeed the search for an intern has begun! Our church has long supported ministerial development this way, and has benefited from the energy, time and thoughtfulness of our interns.

    Be sure to look for announcements of budget information sessions, so that you can learn about ideas and proposed changes for the 2017-18 fiscal year!

    A note about work in the Safir Room, the Chrysalis Room, and the upstairs Conference Room: progress has been made, and the work to put these rooms back into use will continue in January. We can’t predict the dates of availability yet. We will be able to provide more timely information in the weekly announcements (The Week Ahead via email, the pink announcement sheet available at church) as contracts are finalized. As before, groups with activities scheduled in these three rooms are notified by our scheduling coordinator as she adjusts reservations to accommodate the activities while the rooms remain unavailable.

  • Coordinating Team, December 2016

    As we move closer to the end of 2016, the CT gets involved in preparations for the next budget planning process, for fiscal year 2017-18 (July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018). If you are a member of a group that uses church resources for your programming, you have a role in budget planning too—now is a great time to develop some ideas for next year’s programs, so you are ready to respond to the Treasurer’s call for budget input.

    We wish you all warmth and comfort during this holiday season!


  • Coordinating Team Notes, November 2016

    I have been working on the implementation plan for our new UUCB safety policy. As I ponder the steps needed to complete this project, it becomes ever more clear that a comprehensive safety plan for our church requires involvement from our whole community. Our covenant begins with the promise “…to build a religious community guided by love and sustained by respectful relationships.” Indeed, I hope that love will guide us to ensure a safe environment for all at UUCB.

    How can we work together to do that? Here are a few ideas:

    • Do you have expertise in safety response, safety training, or other types of training? We could use a few consultants in developing our safety implementation plan. If you might be willing, please email me at the address below. Your consultation services need not include attending a series of meetings!
    • Our ushers welcome us to Sunday worship services and help us all to have a safe and comfortable experience. Do you think you could be our next new usher? See “Usher Appreciation Reception” below.
    • Would you like to have safety training for the church group that you participate in? Email me at the address below.
    • Are you excited about getting prepared for emergencies? Look for announcements of emergency training and drills, and prepare to participate!

    I look forward to building more community with you all!

  • Coordinating Team, Oct. 2016

    In September, Co-Ministers Revs. Kristin and Christian Schmidt and Program Council Convener Ann Harlow joined the two ongoing Coordinating Team members, Director of Administration Mary Ellen Morgan and CT Convener Lisa Maynard, to form the current Coordinating Team. The CT thanks Joanne Wile for her contributions of time, energy, and spirit during her term as Program Council Convener.

    The CT is working on an implementation schedule for our new UUCB Safety Policy. We plan a phased implementation as work on different sections of the policy is completed. Expect to hear more about this in the coming months!

    As we reported last month, this summer’s renovation work in the Safir Room uncovered mold that had been hidden by ceiling tiles. Director of Administration Mary Ellen Morgan consulted an Industrial Hygienist, who did air sampling in the Safir Room, the Chrysalis Room, and the upstairs conference room, and reported airborne mold in all three rooms. These three rooms will not be available for use for the time being. After appropriate remediation and repairs, the upstairs rooms will be made available again, and the Safir Room renovations will be completed. Scheduling Coordinator Lissa Roos Parker has rearranged fall room use to accommodate all users in the rooms currently available. Please check the church calendar (online at if you aren’t sure where your group is meeting. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we move ahead with these repairs.

    The Coordinating Team meets twice monthly, on the first and third Wednesdays from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. If you’re interested in attending, please contact me ( to verify our schedule and meeting place. Questions for the CT? Email

  • Coordinating Team Report, September 2016

    The Coordinating Team represents the four facets of our church that need to be part of the operational leadership of UUCB: ministry, administration/staff, lay leadership, policy. Each CT member identifies especially with one of those facets: the minister, of course, with the ministerial facet, the Director of Administration with the administrative and staff facet, the Program Council Convener with the lay leadership facet, and the CT Convener with the policy facet. Since the CT has responsibility for overseeing day-to-day operations, each member also has the responsibility to consider every one of these vital facets of our church. The CT’s work is driven by this responsibility to represent all the facets, rather than by the personalities of the members and their personal interests. When one member is not present, the other members work to make sure that all four facets are represented nonetheless.

    Updates on recent work at UUCB:

    • The new wi-fi has been installed and is working great!

    • The new hearing assisted devices have been in operation in the sanctuary since mid-August; instruction cards are available to help congregants adapt to this new system.

    • The refurbishing of the Safir Room has uncovered some mold behind ceiling panels. We are looking into whether there is any additional damage in this area of the building, including the rooms above. We will be bringing in a remediation company to make sure that the mold is safely and thoroughly removed. This work has required some changes in scheduling for these rooms. We will keep you informed as to our progress and we will have these rooms back on-line as soon as possible.

    • Thursday Supper and Vespers will start on October 6 so that our new ministers can be involved in planning after they begin their co-ministry here on September 1.

    • The CT plans to begin using the UUA logo and graphic guidelines (adopted in 2014) as the standard logo for UUCB website, publications, and signs. Making this change will be a long-term process, since we prefer, when feasible, to use up any materials already printed, in the interests of resource conservation.