Membership Signing Luncheons

Membership Signing Luncheons are held quarterly in January, April, July and October at 12:30 p.m. on the second or third Sunday. Email if you are thinking about becoming a member, and let us know at least two weeks in advance if you will need childcare.

At the Membership Signing you will meet with a Membership Ministry Committee representative and our senior ministers, Rev. Christian and Rev. Kristin—sometimes both of them or just one of them, as they have two little ones to take care of after services on Sundays. Lunch is provided (Vegan, Vegetarian and non-Vegetarian). And we talk.

Everyone at the signing goes around the room and introduces themselves and then talks a little about their religious or spiritual journey before coming to UUCB. The Reverends talk about their journey and why they became Unitarian Universalist ministers and about their commitment to all of us to help us develop our spiritual and social justice visions.

A brief history (Rev. Chris calls it a “drive-by history”) of Unitarian Universalism is given of its origins and its commitment to the dignity and worth of every human being.

Then the conversation focuses on UUCB (Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley) and its commitment and covenant to each person in the congregation. Questions are answered about what are the benefits of membership? What are the responsibilities of membership? What does it cost to be a member of UUCB? There isn’t a fee to be a member—there are, of course, costs to run the church and each person decides what they can pledge (promise) each month to keep the lights on, staff paid and the programs running. Some people can pledge $15 a month and some can pledge $1500 a month.

Finally, if your decision is made to become a member, the Membership book is passed around for each person to sign their name and the date of becoming a member. After the signing, we congratulate each other … no, not really … but everyone is pretty happy and excited about becoming a member of UUCB and getting more involved with guiding its future.

Then your picture is taken to be placed on the kiosk in the atrium for other congregants to know who you are (your picture is not posted to our website). You are given a yellow “Standing on the Side of Love” tee shirt. These shirts are worn in solidarity for when we attend protests and events to show our support for love, compassion and our liberal religious values. Other people know when the “UUs” have shown up because we have on our yellow “Standing on the Side of Love” tee shirts.

Again, if you would like to become a member of UUCB or attend a Membership signing just to see what Membership is all about, please email Lonnie and Paul at for more information or to ask questions.