Personal Theology Alex PappasSundays, September through May at 9:30 a.m. in the Fireside Room.

The Personal Theology program was founded by Bernard Loomer, former Dean of the Divinity School at University of Chicago and leader in Process Theology. It was led by Martha Helming from 1991 to 2013. Participants listen to and engage with theological and spiritual leaders, as well as present their own topics and spiritual journeys. Seminars pursue the UU values of drawing inspiration from diverse traditions and deepening the spiritual life. This program is supported by contributions from the audience.

Personal Theology Committee: Gloria Merrill (Chairperson), Anne Wardell,  Barbara Rockhold, Dick Sherman, and John Maes (treasurer). Mac Lingo, Dwight Merrill, and Charlie Wright, audio technicians.

For information about Personal Theology or to suggest a speaker, contact Gloria Merrill at or 510-527-2681.

Upcoming Seminars

  • Personal Theology: Dr. Beverly Allen

      Dr. Beverly Allen, Prof. Emerita at Syracuse University, visiting professor at Stanford. “Courtly Love and the Great Heresy: Medieval Ciphers and the Turning of The Church.”

    • Personal Theology: Claudia Miller

        Claudia Miller, MA from Naropa University, Oakland, practitioner of non-violent communication and mediator who facilitates dialogues to find common ground and mutual respect. “Deep Listening as a Spiritual practice.”

      • Personal Theology: Linda Heiderer

          Linda Heiderer, part time resident of Findhorn, has taken to pilgrimages as a spiritual pathway and has among other things walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain. “Findhorn: A Spiritual Community in Northern Scotland.”

        • Personal Theology: Susan Moon

            Susan Moon, writer, teacher, former editor of Turning Wheel, the journal of socially engaged Buddhism, author of many books, such as This Is Getting Old: Zen Thoughts on Aging with Dignity and Humor. “From Small Self to Big Self: Accepting myself as I am, and realizing my connection with all beings.”

          • Personal Theology: Rev. Heng Sure

              Rev. Heng Sure, Buddhist monk, director of the Berkeley Buddhist Monastery, scholar, GTU alumnus, teacher at Pacific School of Religion (PSR), musician, singer-songwriter, storyteller, and youth leader. “Guarding the Candle in a High Wind: Sources of Hope.”

            • Personal Theology: Rev. Michael Burch

                Rev. Michael Burch, Northbrae Community Church Senior Minister, teacher, coach; co-teaches an ongoing class on World Religions. “Muslim-Christian Dialogue.”

              • Personal Theology: Rabbi Harry Manhoff

                  Rabbi Harry Manhoff, Congregational Rabbi at Temple Beth Sholom in San Leandro, lecturer at St. Mary’s College, author. “Why I love Sukkot.”

                • Personal Theology: Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae

                    Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae, Director of Admissions and Recruitment at Starr King, UUCB Community minister, love warrior, community leader, spiritual teacher, and creative writer. “Love Letters to God: The Sufi Poet-Saints.”

                  • Personal Theology: Rev. Kristin Grassel Schmidt

                      Rev. Kristin Grassel Schmidt, UUCB’s Senior Co-Minister, long-time UU member, mother, singer, and Star Trek enthusiast. “Holy Chaos: Spirituality in Parenting.”

                    • Personal Theology: Dr. Richard Stromer

                        Dr. Richard Stromer, personal mythologist, archetypal astrologer, and psycho-spiritual counselor. “Joseph Campbell and the Religious Function of Myth.”

                      • Personal Theology: Dr. David Presti

                          Dr. David Presti, UC Berkeley professor of neurobiology, author of Foundational Concepts in Neuroscience: A Brain-Mind Odyssey. “The Boundary between Biophysical Science and Concepts of Spirit and Soul.”

                        • Personal Theology: Dr. Jeremy Taylor (1)

                            Dr. Jeremy Taylor, pioneer in dream work, author of several books on dream symbolism, methodology and archetypal energy, teacher, UU minister. “The Power of (Archetypal) Symbols – Awake and Asleep.”

                          • Personal Theology: Dr. Jeremy Taylor (2)

                              Dr. Jeremy Taylor, (see bio above). “Since There Is ALWAYS More Going on Than Meets the Eye, Curiosity Is the Most Important Spiritual Energy We Have At Our Disposal.”

                            • Personal Theology: No session

                                Happy Holidays!!

                              • Personal Theology: No session

                                  Happy New Year!

                                • Personal Theology: Carolyn West

                                    Carolyn West, Storyteller and Director of Religious Education at Northbrae Community Church; published poet and essayist; co-teacher of class on World Religions for Curious People. “Wisdom Traditions Respond to the Soul’s Human Cry.”

                                  • Personal Theology: Merrin Clough

                                      Merrin Clough, lifelong UU, Director of Family Ministry at UUCB; trained as an educator; hiker, seamstress and poet. “Searching Truth, Finding Purpose.”

                                    • Personal Theology: Hana Matt (1)

                                        Hana Matt, teacher of world religions at GTU and Interfaith Chaplaincy; author, spiritual director, and counselor. “Transforming Worry.”

                                      • Personal Theology: Hana Matt (2)

                                          Hana Matt, (see bio above). “Overcoming Anxiety and Coming to Inner Peace and Effectiveness.”


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