11:15 am - 12:15 pm
R.E. Building – Rooms 6, 7 & 8

The Power of Action

The power of fire is the power of action. When we work from fire power, we move forward to do what we can, even if we cannot see a way to fix the whole problem at once. Participants think creatively about power sources that do not contribute to climate change and consider how they might change their own habits and those of their friends to slow the climate change which threatens the world’s ecosystems.


Take Home

What choices do members of your family, or your family as a whole, make to fight climate change? Examples might be putting on a sweater when it gets cold rather than turning on the heat, walking or biking to work or school, eating less meat or no meat, or buying reused or recycled items. How do you feel about the choices you are already making? Are there additional things that you are willing to do as a family to cool our planet?

One fun way to explore the power of wind, a renewable energy resource which doesn’t contribute to climate change, is to have wind-powered penny races. Assemble some pennies, some drinking straws, paper and/or light cardboard, scissors, tape, string, and any other household items you wish to use. Invite each member of the family to design a way move a penny across a table, using only their breath to move the penny. When everyone has completed their construction, see who can get their penny across the table the fastest.


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