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These are the collected readings of C6. They come from the world, from ourselves.


  • Collecting: New materials are being produced all the time. In the Sources section, we list some common sources for materials we collect, so that you can follow them directly.


  • Collected: New materials arrive in arbitrary order. Our first goal is to capture them. Therefore we are trying to make adding material as easy as possible. We do that in the Materials section.


  • Organization: Our view is that there are lots of ways to organize material, and for that we provide the Structures section.
    • These may include indices to the materials, personal maps to selections of the materials, historical walks; anything that provides a structure to the materials.
    • Also note that the "Search" box (up there at the top right) is also very helpful for finding things in this Wiki.


  • Reflections: Making something of what we have is on-going. If you write it down, please add it to the Analyses section.
    • Also note that there are "Talk" pages associated with every page in the Wiki, so these are good places for the conversations about any of this material)