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  • 2010 - 2013: John Cahoon and John Tucker met weekly to discuss readings on climate change.
  • 2013: Fall: C6 was started by John Cahoon, Austin Henderson, and John Tucker based on a proposal that UUCB needs a focus for discussion and action about climate change.
  • 2014: Winter: Monthly meetings were held to shape the direction of C6. 24 people participated at one time or another. A core group of about 10 kept things alive.
  • 2014: Winter and spring: A wiki was set up to be a locus of aggregation and exchange of C6 information. Wikis provide too hard for UUCB folk to enter information into. A small collection of information was gathered nonetheless. Naive settings for access lead to the wiki being rendered useless by the action of robotic spamming from the network. The wiki was removed from the web.
  • 2014: Fall: Lisa Harrington successfully re-installed the wiki software (Mediawiki). The C6 Admin managed to reconstruct some of the material from the first wiki.
  • 2014, September 28: John Cahoon, under the aegis of the Lawrence Lecture, arranged for John Englander to talk about Sea Level Rise.
  • 2014: Fall: Participation, never high, dropped to near zero. Discussions among the admin are leading to refocusing C6. A new charter is being developed.