The Board of Trustees meets on the third Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. Visitors are welcome. Agenda packets can be downloaded from the Church Documents page. Below are the candidates’ statements written by the current elected members of the Board.

duggan jackJack Duggan
(Term 2015-18)
Jack Duggan, Board Vice President:  I started attending a Unitarian Universalist Church in 2005. I was looking for community where my beliefs, or, more pointedly, my “un-beliefs” wouldn’t make me an outsider. In 2011 we moved to Oakland and went searching for a UU church where we would feel at home. We found it at UUCB. In 2012 we became members.

I am retired from California State Parks as a Park Ranger. After being a banker for 30 years I worked for Juvenile Hall and then State Parks. I’ve served on community boards in the past that did economic development and affordable housing. As a board member I learned to listen, do the homework, and to stay focused on principles and sustainability.

I am currently a volunteer teacher’s aide at Coronado Elementary School in Richmond, and my wife and I both teach and assist Kindergarten and First Grade Religious Education at UUCB.  I think the Board of Trustees is a way that I can be of service to our congregation in return for what I’ve received. I think we have a debt to those who came before us. What they established, we need to maintain, strengthen, and grow.  I think a trustee needs to be a leader when it’s called for and a good follower as well.

Gleason Jean 2011Jean Gleason
(Term 2014-17)
Jean Gleason: I believe that to find community in a church, members need to be involved in the life of the church.

I grew up in Bakersfield and graduated from Cal, but my adult church leadership positions began in Pittsburgh, PA, where I was a volunteer RE director.. In Swarthmore, I chaired the adult education program committee. In Middletown, New Jersey, I became an ordained Elder and Clerk of Session and was a member of the district level new executive search committee.

In Morristown, I finally found Unitarian Universalism and my community. Among my activities was a term as Vice President of the Board and committee memberships: Endowment, Personnel, and Governance. When I returned to California, I immediately joined the Unitarian Church in Stockton and became part of the Green Sanctuary and endowment committees and was a delegate to General Assembly in Portland.

hanway richardRichard Hanway
(Term 2016-19)
Richard Hanway:  I am an educator who has been a member for about 8 years. I am a member of the church choir and enjoy helping with church events. Currently I am managing the Easter Breakfast, with a lot of great help from Merrin Clough, Richie Dawkins, and many more. Important issues to me as far as UUCB is concerned include increasing membership and taking good care of the lovely facilities which we have inherited from past members. I think it is vital to the long-term viability of the church that we increase membership, so that we can afford to take care of our grounds and our employees while still financing the important charitable goals that we have taken on as a community.  I believe all board members have the obligation to address the concerns of church members and should embrace the value of open and transparent governance.
lawrence lee helenaLee Helena Lawrence (Term 2014-17) Lee Helena Lawrence:  I’m interested in helping implement some of the top priorities emerging from our congregational Cafe Conversations: increasing our diversity and outreach, increasing UUCB’s public presence and voice in the community and at Cal Berkeley, and increasing member engagement at UUCB.  I support our participation with CCISCO, the multi-racial, multi-cultural congregation based community organizing group we may vote to join this February.  I hope we can provide opportunities for member engagement and growth at UUCB and in the community, empowering us to deepen and transform ourselves and others in the spirit of our UU values.  I hope our style of governance and coordination can be consistent with our UU principles and convenant.

A life-long UU, I joined UUCB in 2001, founding the UUCB snack table and convening it for 8 years.  I also founded Humanist Connections in 2003, which meets weekly for engaged discussions with 30-35 people, and participated in many social justice activities, bringing the No on Prop 8 phone bank, and noted speakers (George Lakoff, etc.) to our church.  I was a founding board member of the Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry, served on the board of the Starr King School, the board of the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California, and the board of the League of Women Voters of Diablo Valley, where I currently serve as Co-President.  I’m a retired clinical psychologist and former faculty member at Harvard University.

stump vernon loganLogan Stump- Vernon
(Term 2015-18)
Logan Stump-Vernon: After serving for the past 5 months I’ve really come to appreciate the work that we do. I hope that I can continue doing this work and help us continue to move into our future.  I hope to continue to bring the insight I’ve gained to my work with our board. My experience and passion lies with youth work. I also bring to the table energy, thoughtfulness, and a willingness to think beyond the norm. I love this church dearly, and my goal is to help guide it through this important transition to new and greater heights.
I grew up in this church and it is an essential part of who I am. The youth group here really changed my life and pushed me to be a leader. In high school I became involved in the district youth programming, serving on PCD YRUU’S council for 5 years. In 2012 I became a youth adviser for the district middle school programming and now serve on their governing body. For the past two years I’ve also served this church as a Middle School Adviser.
schmidt deborahDeborah Schmidt (Term 2016-19) Deborah B. Schmidt, Board President: Most of you know me as a flutist and member of the choir and music committee, but my connection with UUCB began in 1992 with five years directing the children’s music program and serving on the RE committee. Our church is not alone in facing today’s demographic, technological, and financial challenges, but we are positioned to craft unique solutions. We have a positive opportunity to do some soul-searching and creative problem solving, to bring our democratic and life-affirming principles forward into the future while becoming even more inclusive and engaged with the communities around us.
Virginia Silver RimbachVirginia Silver- Rimbach (Term 2014-17) Virginia Silver-Rimbach:  My husband Karl and I grew up as United Methodists, but eventually realized that what the church told us to believe and what we really thought were increasingly far apart. After many years of leisurely Sunday mornings filled with brunches and crossword puzzles, we were reasonably content but still felt something was missing in our lives. We attended a Christmas Eve service at UUCB and knew immediately that we’d found a new spiritual home.

In non-church life I work as a Vice President at Bank of America, ensuring our technology stays compliant with changing regulations. My position requires me to bring different teams together to work toward a common goal. My strengths in consensus building and problem resolution are also an excellent fit for the Board of Trustees at UUCB.

Maryann Simpson (term 2016-19)
Maryann Simpson (Term 2016-19)
Maryann Simpson: Maryann has been attending UUCB for 30 years. She has served on many committees including the ministerial search committee, recently coordinated the ushers, and currently is on the RE advisory council. Maryann is married to Cynthia and both of them are very proud of their daughter Rev. Aija Simpson, currently serving the UU Church of the Cumberland Valley.
sukalski mitchMitch Sukalski
(Term 2015-18)
Mitch Sukalski: For the past 11 years, I’ve been a fan of all things involving R.E., our youth, and young adults. Sonya and I joined UUCB in 2003 after moving to the Bay area with our daughters, Sierra and Cheyenne. In the past year while serving on the Board of Trustees, I’ve really enjoyed being part of the advisor team to an amazing high school youth group, creating slides for our services in partnership with our worship team, and working with a great group of folks on the Lawrence Lecture Committee and the Communications Task Force.We do indeed live in interesting times. Since Rev. Barbara and Rev. Bill’s departure, the Board has been grappling with our leadership and organizational gaps, and has slowly recognized the challenge of reclaiming lay leadership that had “atrophied” in various areas of our communal ministry. It is wonderful to see rising energy everywhere: friends stepping up as worship associates; new energy and enthusiasm in our RE and music programs; growing involvement with CCISCO; and renewed fellowship at Thursday night suppers.With an executive team in flux, I believe the Board of Trustees must creatively and judiciously step beyond its role as a visioning body and take on the hard task of broadening and strengthening our lay leadership foundation that does the most important day-in, day-out work of the congregation. We need to strengthen the ties of our program committees to our overall goals, and reconnect them to each other for inspiration and mutual support. We need an executive team that will flourish no matter whom we call as our next minister or what gifts they bring to our community.
Ex-Officio Members
Mary Muelbach Mary Muehlbach, Treasurer
Jane Lundin Jane Lundin, Secretary